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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

So, I started pushing a few buttons...

Got kind of stuck on the update I'm working on, so I ended up re-designing the blog instead!

When I started this, I was new to blogging, and I went for a simple layout... now I want to experiment with it a bit. 

I'm still not sure of this new layout, but the only way to know if I like it, is to keep it for a while.  I think the look of a blog is kind of like its 'signature' and as such, I don't want to change it too much... but I can't make up my mind until I've lived with it a while.

So, any comments?  What do you think of the bigger pictures?

... the quality won't be this good in my regular blog entries for a while, as I took the pictures for the next 3-4 updates well before I decided to change the size of them. 

Is it really annoying that I can't get them 100% centred, or is that just me? 

Is it annoying that my sidebar is now a... what... a bottom bar??   Maybe if someone wants to find something in particular they won't mind scrolling down... maybe I should put a note at the top of the page pointing out that there's all that stuff at the bottom.  It might be easy to miss.

Is there any way that anyone knows of, to have the pictures this large and have a sidebar?

Let me know what you think... either here, or on the next couple of posts, if you want to see it 'in practice'.  Hope to have a story post up tomorrow, although I'm still working on it, and its making me crazy!