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Friday, January 1, 2010

The Founding Family

Richmond started out as Pleasantview, until I moved in a CAS family who completely took over the story....  Most of my current playable sims are descended from this family.  I'll list them here as a way of explaining who is descended from which branch of the family and where some of the names come from.

James Green had a son, Chris.  Chris married Helen.

Chris and Helen Green had 5 children, Becky, Jamie, Gretchen (a), Ben and Serder (a).

Becky married Ashley Pitts. Children: Ashley and Jami (twins), Helen Cooke, Grace Gold.  After Ashley died, Becky remarried to Joe Graham.
Descendants - Pitts, Cooke, Gold, and London families.

Jamie married Sarah.  Children: Luke and Jenna. They divorced and Jamie remarried to Mary Sue Pleasant. Children: Susan.
Descendants - Green and Roseland families

Gretchen married Orlando Centowski. Children: James, Kyle, Douglas (a), Ruth Cadey, April Bertino, Sheila (a) Ruben.  After Gretchen died, Orlando remarried to Nancy McBride.
Descendants - Centowski, Cadey, Bertino, Ruben, Bonaccord, Beare, Kauffmann, Green, Jung families (yeah, there's a lot of them!)

Ben married Marisa. Children: Jamie and Alvin (a).
Descendents - Green families

Serder married April Hutchins.  Children: Cory, Chris and Aaron (twins).  Serder remarried to Brandi Broke.  Children: Helen.
Descendents - Green and Deppiesse families

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