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Friday, January 1, 2010

Brandi Green - Richmond

Brandi Green
(Brandi Broke)
Age: Elder
Asp: Family
LTW: Graduate three children from college (fulfilled)
Career: Employee - Richmond Art and Gifts
Romantic: Married/Widowed – Skip Broke; Married/Widowed – Serdar Green
Children: With Skip - Dustin, Beau and Ethan; With Serdar - Helen Deppiesse

Older pictures:


Serdar's family, Christmas 2025

Back: April Newson; Christine, Anna and Chris Green, with Jessica; Leo Depiesse; Aaron & Mari Green; Cory & Sam Green. Second/Sitting: Riley Green; Marsha Green; Helen Depiesse; Brandi & Serdar Green; Rose, Corinne & Noah Green. Front/Floor: Joel Green; Kody & Steven London (Mari’s son), with Stacey in front; Marina & Jody Green; Lizzie Bonacorrd.

Helen's Wedding, 2025

Aaron, Chris and Cory Green; their father Serdar Green; Helen Green Depiesse; Brandi Green; her sons Dustin, Beau and Ethan Broke.

Obituary - Serdar Green

Serdar Green 1950 - 2026
Serdar Green

Age: Elder
Asp: Family/Knowledge
LTW: Become Business Tycoon (fulfilled)
Career: Retired; formally Business Tycoon
Romantic: Married/Separated/Widowed – April Hutchins; Married – Brandi Green
Children: With April - Cory, Chris and Aaron (twins); With Brandi - Helen Deppiesse
Other Family: Parents Chris and Helen Green (a); Siblings Becky Pitts, Jamie Green, Gretchen Centowski, Ben Green

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