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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

From Now On...

I've been hit by the disappearing lot bug again!! :(

And that isn't the only problem I'm having with Richmond at the moment... the random crashes aren't confined to play sessions where I age down Sims, and for a while I've had a problem where it crashes sometimes when Sims try to visit community lots.

These things happen even with my CC removed, they happen after deleting the cache files, and more significantly, they don't happen in the other hood I play semi-regularly :(

I think its time to get serious about re-creating my hood.  I've already done some of it, gradually, over the past few weeks.  Now its time to move my Sims in.  In a way, this is a good time.  Because I've decided to focus on a small group of households for the remainder of the round, there's a lot less gameplay happening at the moment.  So from now on, I can use my usual gameplay time to export and re-create my families in the new hood.  And because there is less gameplay happening, it won't be too hard to keep the two in sync, until everyone has moved and I'm ready to play the new one exclusively.

This is kind of exciting!  While not much will change, I'm trying to make a more sensible layout of neighborhoods within the overall neighborhood/subhoods (which is why I've never posted a 'hood view picture - I was always planning to do this).  We will lose some things - memories, older parts of the family trees, pictures on the wall and in the photo albums, stuff like that.  But at least we'll gain a safe, stable hood.

For now, I've loaded my last good backup and it works fine, so far.  The only major things I've changed since then, are redecorating the Pitts home and my hospital.  Luckily both lots are still visible in the broken hood, so I'll export them and put the redecorated versions in my new hood.

From now on, my blog pictures will be a (hopefully seamless) mix of old and new hood.  This is going to be an interesting exercise, I think, and probably I'll hit a few problems I couldn't have anticipated... but overall I'm happy to be doing it... future-proofing my hood :)


  1. Good luck! I hope it all goes smoothly for you.

    I dread the day I have to do this with Sullivan but hoods seem to just get glitchy after a while, so there's a good chance I may have to.

  2. Thanks, Carla... so far, so good... although I've only got one household there at this point! :)

    My hood is a couple of years old and, in the eary days, I did all the things that they say you shouldn't do, like deleting sims or adding then removing sub-hoods... things that some sites imply would make your hood totally unplayable in the next 15 minutes... lol... so its not surprising all this would catch up on it at some stage.

    I'm just really grateful for backups, and for SimPe and other hacks, so I can export my characters and re-create them almost as they were.

  3. I hope it goes well! I had to clean all my character files, and start over in December, because of corrupted files, and WAY too many character files, I couldn't load Simpe.

    Once it's done, you'll be much relieved!

  4. Thanks, Maisie - I remember reading about you starting your hood over... at the time, I had it in the back of my mind that mine would need that eventually, too. And. yeah, I will be relieved when its done!