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Monday, August 23, 2010

Progress and Autonomous Weirdness :)

I'm working on the pictures for the second part of the prequel story... although I got sidetracked a bit... or maybe I should say, my sims sidetracked me :)

Quick explanation - the characters in the prequel are played by a mix of themselves aged down, look-alike family members, identical townies and, if none of the above are available, clones of the original characters.  So I had this slightly random mix of unrelated lookalikes, and while I was focusing on one group, the others were off doing autonomous stuff, and, well... end result is a new couple moving to Richmond.

Anyone recognize these guys?? :)

They're post-makeover, because seeing them as a couple while they looked like the characters they were substituting for was just too bizarre... lol... all I'm saying is, thank God this didn't happen with their 'real' counterparts! :)

They are kind of cute, though... three bolt attraction, and I like the fact that they hooked up with absolutely no intervention from me.  So I'm keeping them, they've moved into a little apartment in Bluewater Village (because its really under-populated down there!), and based on their wants, they appear to be planning their wedding.  And their family.

Meanwhile, unexpected stuff aside, back to work on the scheduled update... :)

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