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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

New Round, 2025-2026

Because I like the idea of finishing things with a bang, the Holidays post was the final post of this round. :)

My rounds used to run from July in one year to June two years later, but I'm changing that now.  The main reason is that I'm in a hurry to get back to playing all my households in sequence after starting the new hood.  Most of the families are still straight-out-of-CAS sims at this point, and I plan to give them back things like their careers, friendships, etc, as I play each household in the round.  I really want to get started with that, soon!  And I want you to meet some more of the hood.

I think I like the idea of ending the round with the end of the sim-year, in any case.  I can finish each round with a holiday post like the one I've just done, and start with the new year.  Also, the final post of the round (before the holiday one) will usually be a college post, so there will be grades and graduations to celebrate, too (for this round, I moved it to the new year - you'll see why when I post it).  It all makes a nice wrap-up for the round.

I've just posted this page about my gameplay/blogging style, it was originally part of this blog entry but I decided I wanted it somewhere more permanent.  There'll be one difference in this round, although you probably won't notice it in the blog - as you'll see in my gameplay/blogging style page, I usually don't play all my households in a round.  But for this round, because I need to to recreate the sims completely, I will be playing everyone - even my move-aways.  Actual gameplay is the quicker part of this for me, so it might not even slow the blog down much in the long run.

As its a new round, I rolled my usual four random events.  I made one change there - I find half the fun of random events in other blogs, is wondering who they're going to happen to.  As you have yet to meet most of the hood, I fixed it so that two of these events will happen to sims I've introduced into the blog already - and, no, I'm not saying which two :)  .  The other two will make for good introduction stories, I hope.

  • Fulfil your greatest want (this one could be scary)
  • Night out with the gang (not so scary - I hope!)
  • Broken leg (very big groan when I saw who rolled it... but it'll make a good story :)  )
  • Get food poisoning (so, yeah, my hospital's going to be busy this round, too... ) 


  1. Can't wait to see the results! :)

  2. me either!! And congrats on finishing the round. doesn't it feel soo good? (And I've only ever finished one, lol)

  3. Thanks, guys - I'm looking forward to writing it... and it does feel good to finish a round, even if it is kind of 'cheaty', since I moved the end of the round :)