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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bluewater Village Town Centre

After posting these pictures on the N99 Forum, I decided that, as this is supposed to be the repository of all things Richmond, I'd put them here as well...

In my neighbourhood, Bluewater Village is a little, somewhat isolated place with a cluster of Victorian houses and shops, surrounded by farms. I moved most of the original shops and houses out to other subhoods (we don't need an electronics superstore out here!), and downloaded a whole bunch of Victorian buildings to replace them.

The town centre is two lots - a Victorian Boardwalk lot from MTS, and a town square in a similar style (not sure where I downloaded it), with a central area the same size as that of the boardwalk. I found a spot on the Bluewater shore that would take the boardwalk, then put the square directly across the road. Then, I redecorated the outdoor areas so that they both have the same paving, benches, etc. The result is that they look like one cohesive town centre.

I'm still working on the interiors. The two lots were really laggy, then I realised that there was a cash register in each building, therefore they were generating a NPC cashier for each one. Plus the square had a nightclub with a bar (bartender), DJ booth (DJ) and Coffee cart (Barista)! I've got rid of most of that, put in only one working cash register because that's all it needs (I've got a fake deco one for the other shops), and I'm slowly redecorating the shops. Behind the square in my hood is a street with a few owned shops. In my imagination, this street doesn't exist and those businesses are actually in the town square shops.

Anyway, on to the pictures:

We arrived on the very early in the morning...

Here, you can see how the two lots work together

The town square:

In the corner of the town square, there's a playground looking across to the local church

Across the street... this is a view of the boardwalk from the sea:

More of the boardwalk side of the street:

Down on the beach:

It's also a romantic spot for a nighttime date


  1. Amazing job with the Towne Centre. It looks so realistic! These photos are fantastic. I'd love to live there myself!

  2. Thanks! I wish I could visit it too, its one of my favorite places in my hood.