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Friday, April 6, 2012

Yeah, I've been AWOL

So the medical verdict on why I've had, among other things, a mega-huge headache and no energy for almost a month, is basically "Hell if I know.".  And, while I'm extremely glad that I don't have a brain tumor or something, I was really hoping to find out exactly what I do have...  *sigh*.  Next stop = optometrist.

As you might have noticed, I've been away from the computer all this time.  Actually, I've been away from most things, except for work and sleep.  But particularly the computer, as staring at the screen only made the headache worse.  I thought it might be my monitor, as its old and has this strange flickery thing going on sometimes... well, to be honest, its actually been like that for months before the headaches started, and I didn't feel any different when I used my laptop... but I wanted a new monitor anyway so, whatever, any excuse :)  So I now have this beautiful 20 inch widescreen thing.  No less headaches, but I love the monitor and am looking forward to much large-screen simming in the future.

Today, I feel pretty good.  Actually, I feel REALLY good.  I had no idea why the sudden change. I had a morning shift (7am-3pm), which I usually hate (not a morning person), and I was still tired... but no headache, and a much happier mood as a result.  Then I realized one thing that is different - today was my first day back at work after two days off, and its the first time in over a month (aside from the days of sick leave when I felt really bad) that I've had two days off together - I always have two days a week off, but usually they're split.  I think maybe I'm on to something here.  At very least, I have one more thing to add to my 'why my job is killing my life' list, and another reason to escalate my new-job hunting attempts.

Meanwhile, back in simming-world (because, that's what matters - at least, here :)  ), if I still feel this good tomorrow, I'll be back to working on an update.  And reading the 132(!!!) unread posts in Google reader.  Sorry, guys, I probably won't be commenting on ALL of them, although I will be reading them - I don't want to miss anything that's going on in anyone's stories, even if it will take some time to get through them.

It's getting late here now and I'm starting to get tired and *sigh* headachy again.  Just a little.   Morning shift again tomorrow, so bedtime now, and hopefully I'll be back here tomorrow afternoon.  Like I said, I felt really good this morning, so I'm hoping it'll last for a while.  And, even if I do feel like crap tomorrow, I might just try anyway because I miss my sims, and I REALLY miss my simming friends and your stories!!


  1. Well, I'm glad you're feeling so good today, though I'm sorry you've been so unwell of late. I truly hope that exhaustion is all it is and that you manage to find a better home/work balance soon. I know it's hard in your line of work!

  2. I'm glad it's nothing serious causing your headaches, wish that they'd been able to find a way to stop them. Like Carla, I hope you just need some rest, and a better position.