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Friday, January 1, 2010

Samantha Bradshaw

Well, Samantha's arrived in Richmond... here's how she looks in my game.

We spent a bit of time sorting out her personality, interests, etc... oh, yeah, and her gender preference, since Laura has already established her as straight, but my ACR disagreed :)  .  Anyway, she's worked out her priorities:

We went for a walk around a few community lots and met some of the locals...

I guess when you're fresh out of CAS there's not a lot to talk about, other than yourself.

Just for the hell of it, this is where I decided to have her scope the room... she has now distinguished herself as the first sim in my game, as far as I can remember, to make five men go glowy in one room! (No pictures of the event because it could gives some of my story away before I even start it :)  ).  Four were married, and the fifth made me go, holy crap...

I think she's going to have an interesting time here! :)

We passed most of the day exploring the town...

Not much happening here... even the DJ has walked off.

Oh, man, not another one!


I don't know if she even got the chance to talk to him... all her needs were low by now so I sent her home.  I left her happily cooking dinner, left the game running and went to do some r/l stuff myself... I figured she could take care of herself for a few minutes, but when I came back...

Excuse me, you did what?!?! 

Gordon = random townie guy she met about an hour ago.  Shouldn't you actually speak to him or something first??

As it turned out, he never actually came.  And she got sick of waiting in the rain...

Note to self: must buy more entertainment items for apartment... :)


  1. lol blackcat!

    You're commentary on samantha's adventures was so funny!

    I have her ready in my game, I'm just not sure where to put her just yet.

  2. LOL! I love it! Looks like she's getting herself into some interesting things already! And yup, that sounds just like Sam, fall in love, have a party! :)

    I'm so excited about this :)

  3. LOL! That's hilarious.

    I'd also like to add, your town looks beautiful! I love the shot of her walking in front of the community lot. I assume that must be your downtown.

  4. Oh my on waiting for Gordon! I don't think I've ever had that in my game before! It looks like she will have some prospects in your hood with 5 glowy men! Wow! I don't believe I've had that many for one person before ether!

  5. bbop, I've got her hiding in a little apartment until she's ready to join the game properly... I don't know if she'll stay there when she joins the story but it'll do for now.

    Laura, thanks, I'm getting excited too :)

    Lunar, thanks! The daytime walking shot is in the base hood, and the nighttime one is downtown. Ever since neighbours and decorations became visible from lots, I've enjoyed trying to make the background look as good as the lot itself... although I'm going to have to stop moving things when I start blogging... someone might notice if the view from someone's front door changed totally between updates! :)

    Maisie, I don't know about prospects, at least not from that five... four of the men were married, three of them happy enough that I doubt anything would come of it... and one was old enough to be her grandfather! #5 is a possibility... but will have to see where the story takes her first...