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Friday, January 1, 2010

Centowski Family - Redwood City

James Centowski
Age: Elder
Asp: Knowledge/Family
LTW: Have 6 grandchildren (fulfilled); Max 7 Skills
Career: Law – The Law
Romantic: Married, Marla Biggs
Children: Cherry, Hayley Kauffmann, Laine Cameron, Jamie
Other Family: Parents Gretchen and Orlando Centowski; Siblings Kyle, Douglas, Ruth Cadey, April Bertino, Sheila Ruben.
Significant Friends: Ashley Pitts.

Marla Centowski
(Marla Biggs)
Age: Elder
Asp: Family/Knowledge
LTW: Become City Planner (fulfilled);
Career: Retired from Architecture ( City Planner)
Romantic: Married, James Centowski
Children: Cherry, Hayley Kauffmann, Laine Cameron, Jamie

Jamie Centowski
Age: YA
Asp: Family
LTW: Have 2 grandchildren
Education: Student, RCT.  Major - Undeclared
Romantic: Engaged – Meadow Thayer; ex-girlfriend Angel Go
Children: Harrison Thayer Centowski
Other Family: Parents - James and Marla Centowski; Sisters - Cherry, Hayley Kauffmann and Laine Cameron.

Meadow Thayer
Age: YA
Asp: Family
LTW: Reach Golden Anniversary
Education: Student, RCT.  Major - Literature
Romantic: Engaged – James Centowski
Children: Harrison Thayer Centowski
Significant Friends: Angel Go

Harrison Thayer Centowski
Age: Baby

Family: Parents Meadow Thayer and Jamie Centowski

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