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Saturday, January 2, 2010


At the moment, this is a blog-to-be... my decision to start blogging my Sims2 neighbourhood, Richmond, was prompted by The Samantha Bradshaw Project, and I'm going to start the blog when Samantha arrives in Richmond.  It'll be her story initially, it will just happen to be set in the neighbourhood I know well through about a year of gameplay with it.  I'll introduce the residents as Samantha meets them, and gradually their stories will emerge, and continue once she moves on.

In the meantime, I might make a few general posts about the town, and about my play style, although probably not much, as I want to introduce it from Samantha's point of view.  So not much happening here, at least not until Samantha arrives.


  1. What a great way to start the blog! I can't wait to read more about Richmond!

  2. Nice intro! I can't wait to read about your town either, and I can't wait to meet the families and Samantha!!

  3. Thanks, guys, I'm really looking forward to this now.