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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Yeah, I've got a bug in my game....

I know I'm gonna go crazy tomorrow trying to figure out what's causing this... but it just cracks me up anyway :)

... meanwhile, since actual gameplay was impossible, I created a blog for my neighbourhood... this one will stay around for testing and experimenting purposes (I'm still getting the hang of this), but the 'real' one will be here: Richmond Sims.
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  1. Oh no! I've had that error. I wrote it into my story as an NPC revolt. Happened way back in my founding gen.

    Look up the "Stuck NPC bug." It seems to occur when a portal is accidentally deleted. Lots of reports I read about it at the time and afterward said it occurred by using "put away all books."

  2. LOL, NPC revolt! :)

    Thanks for the advice... I'll remember not to use the 'put away all books' command unless I actually want a population explosion! :)

    I think in this case, its caused by CC. It happened at several houses, along with another weird thing where apartment neighbours became invisible... they were actually there, I just couldn't see them. I had people talking with, and even hugging, invisible people!

    The problems stopped when I took out my new CC folder (having had similar problems before, all newly downloaded CC lives in a 'quarantine' subfolder for a month or so... saves having to trawl through the entire downloads folder to find the problem). So now I'm just going through the boring-but-necessary process of putting the new CC back in a few files at a time to isolate the problem.