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Monday, March 22, 2010


... no, in case anyone if following this, you never saw that.  I did not just accidentally publish a post while trying to edit it.  Really.  It's gone now, so it never happened... :)

*goes away reminding self to actually read whether the button says publish or save, before clicking on it... *


  1. LOL, I'm terrified of doing this! *pretends I didn't see it ;)* I can't believe I haven't already though. I always try to date mine ahead as drafts, so that if I ever did accidentally publish, it would go to scheduled instead of actually published.

  2. That sounds like exactly what I need to do, date the drafts ahead. How do you do that? It would spare me a panicked few minutes figuring out how to take down the post without actually losing the work I'd done on it :)

  3. When you're in the editor, you just open up the "post options" at the bottom left, and the date field will be in there :)

  4. Thanks, Laura... have now scheduled all my posts for August... I'm pretty sure that should cover it :)