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Thursday, May 19, 2011

First Time for Everything + Vacation Picspam

This is not the usual reaction he gets! And he has the 'massive attraction' bonus too...  
... but don't worry, his ego wasn't damaged too badly.  A short while later, I was playing a woman who wanted to meet someone new, and he was a random walkby, so I introduced them.  I swear, I only left the game running unattended for five r/l minutes...

*Facepalm* .  And they're in the foyer of her apartment building, too!

Meanwhile, my a bunch of my YAs are now on vacation on Twikki Island.  Their update is a while away yet, and I've got way more pics than I'm going to be able to use in it, so in the meantime we decided to send home some snapshots...

... and, I love that she can kick his butt and still keep her little bikini in place! :)

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