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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A new blog, a question, and whatever...

So, I have a babble blog.  I like the idea of keeping my story blog for story alone, so I've moved all my outtakes and behind-the-scenes posts here.  I'm also going to clean up the earlier entries in my main blog, make the pictures the same size on everything, create links between the two blogs, etc.  Gradually.  Probably, very gradually.  I'm not going to kid myself about the amount of time I can afford to spend on this thing :)

Anyway, in the meantime... I have a question, if anyone out there has an opinion on it.  What is the best way to mark your blog as adults only/R16//R18 or something?  It's drifting into that territory now, with the direction Melissa's story is taking, if it hasn't already.  I've noticed that Blogger appears to have some automatic page thing where you click "I understand and want to proceed" or something like that... some people use that, others just put a warning at the top of the page.  Is the extra screen good, or just really annoying?  Or, would the note on the page just be ok.  I'm not planning to write anything too explicit - that's not something I'm comfortable doing - but definitely, what I would call adult themes.

As for Melissa's story - I can see where that's going now and how it'll work out, although it's many sim-months (and, probably, many r/l months) away.  It's funny, in the past few days, I've realised three things that will probably happen in the future of my story (I say probably, because I'm still allowing my sims the chance to autonomously completely trash my ideas, just like Cory did recently.  That's their right :)  ).  As well as the outcome of Melissa's story, I also know who Andrew Goss will probably have a relationship with  (it surprised me... and its kind of awesome :)  ).

The biggest surprise was, I know who will eventually take over the book shop from Kyle - and it's someone I would never have imagined, but he just kind of told me that's what he wanted to do.  I was worried about that one because, although Kyle is nowhere near retirement, someone will have to take over someday, and none of his kids seem suited to it.  It's a relative, its staying in the family, but that's all I'm saying for now... and the Centowski family is so huge, so that's not much of a clue anyway! :)

I love it when my sims tell me stuff like that :)  . I used to read writers talking about how their characters 'talked' to them or how they asked their characters questions, like they were separate entities that existed outside the imagination of the writer.  I didn't doubt that happened, but I just couldn't figure how.  And now my characters are talking to me - it actually started with Sam, who wanted me to stop and think about how Cory's past affected her.  And now they bloody well won't stop! :)

I also learned that Melissa isn't the only playable teen that Joshua has been with.  Meaning, I rewrote someone's past a bit (she's an adult now), but in a way that makes perfect sense... that's why I say I just learned it - its like it was always there, I just didn't find out about it until now.

So... lots of good story ideas coming up, and I'm glad they're coming up now, because Samantha Bradshaw is leaving very soon, and she's going to leave a big gap in my hood.


  1. Look at you talking like a writer! :D

    Love the new blog! Added it to my Google Reader!

  2. Thanks, Laura... lol... it's scary, isn't it? :)