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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sometimes, this game really creeps me out...

So, I was playing a couple of weeks ago, and we were at a community lot and, there in the background...

Yeah, it's Joshua Ruben.  Chatting to a teenage girl.  It happened autonomously, and it seemed all too creepy, given his story in my blog...

So, tonight, another community lot...

... another teenage girl?!


Maybe I've got other sim-adults that turn up autonomously on community lots and chat to teenagers all the time, maybe I'm noticing it more with Joshua because of the storyline I've given him... but, still...

Just creepy.


  1. Joshua is now being creepy autonomously as well! It's interesting to me that both the girls are looking a bit unsure about him.

  2. Carla, you're right, they do look kind of uncertain! Don't know if I can fit these pictures into the story anywhere, but the game is really playing into the way I write him.

  3. It really is creepy seeing his story in Richmond. And I have to agree with Carla, both girls look kind of unsure about it all.