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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Goodbye, Samantha Bradshaw

Just because I'm feeling nostalgic... 

Good memories.

Back then I had no idea how this story would work out, and its been an interesting journey... so thanks, Lakeside Heights, for loaning her to me, and thanks, Samantha, for taking me on the journey, and for helping me get his blog underway.  We'll really miss you here.


On to the practical side of things...

The picture Cory gave Samantha can be downloaded here.  It's a recolour of the BV travel poster, although I'm imagining Samantha's version to be a bit smaller, so I recommend this set of frames (not just because of Samantha's picture, but because they're an awesome thing to have in your game!  I'm planning a whole post here about how I'm using them... ).  Its a lot easier to carry around a small framed picture, when you're travelling from place to place like Samantha is - I imagine it in frame size 3 (they're numbered in the buy mode catalogue).  BTW, the frames work even if you don't have BV.

I'm going to write some gameplay notes on Samantha's time in Richmond, but not until we see how things work out with Cory, as the two stories are so tied together.

By the way, I'm very aware that there's a huge continuity error in Samantha's final post!  I don't know how I didn't notice it until after I finished taking the pictures, but I just couldn't bring myself to do them all again, especially as they never seem to turn out as good as they did the first time.  So, with apologies to people who notice these things, it stands as it is...


  1. You did a great job with Samantha's story - you've definitely set a very high bar for those of us who have to follow you! I'm really looking forward to reading your gameplay notes on this.

    Hopefully, you'll be pleased to know that at least one person didn't notice the "huge continuity error". I consider myself pretty clever when I notice one of those in my own story, lol!

  2. Carla, Thanks! And I am pleased you didn't notice... but I'm also pleased I mentioned it here because I have this belief that it's ok to look silly in any circumstances, so long as you mention it first yourself :)

  3. Thank you for hosting her! You did such a beautiful job with her story, and gave her such an amazing experience to add to her travels! It won't be forgotten, I'm sure! :)

    And I'm also excited to see how her life might change before she comes back here again!