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Saturday, August 13, 2011

it's going to be quiet here for a little while...

Just a quick note about why I'm taking so long to post... I'm working part-time on a Master's degree at the moment, and I'm in the middle of my most difficult paper ever.  I have a major assignment due on the 30th of this month... however, I'm going on holiday/vacation on the 24th for a week.  Aside from the fact that it kind of spoils the whole relaxation thing if I take the assignment on holiday to finish, there's also the practical problems of trying get the poster part of the assignment printed, and getting the whole thing collated and sent in, from out of town.  So I want it finished and on its way, before the 24th.  I'm working full-time, so I have to fit it around that.

This means I probably won't be updating until after it's done.  I have one gameplay-based update that I'm slowly finishing in my 'down-time', and that might be up before the 24th, but nothing more involved than that - which means leaving Cory's story hanging until the end of the month.

The good news is that this is a winter holiday, with long dark evenings to fill :)  I'm hoping to get a few updates finished and saved ahead of what I'm posting, to make a kind of buffer against things grinding to a halt again with the next big piece of work.

So, apologies to everyone waiting, and I will be back in a couple of weeks... and also apologies to fellow simmers who's blogs I haven't commented on for so long... another planned holiday activity that I'm really looking forward to!


  1. Good luck with your work. It's definitely worth your focus. Enjoy whatever downtime you get. =)

  2. All the best with your uni work and enjoy that holiday! Sounds like you'll need it!

  3. Good luck with your paper, and lots of fun and relaxation vibes for your vacation!