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Sunday, September 11, 2011


(First of a series... I've started keeping a draft post running as I play, for outtakes and other random funny or interesting things that happen.  Each time it looks big enough, I'll post it... )

Butler fail...


Looks like neat freak Kyle (autonomous walk-by) doesn't approve of the weeds outside his sister April's house.

Aha, yeah... as soon as we greeted him...

... and he didn't stop a the weeds, either!

I could use some relatives like this! :)


Yeah, I've had shifts like that, too...


Not sure what was going on here, but he sure looks worried about it! 

 Yeah, still angry...

... and quite possibly losing it a little... I mean, there's garbage everywhere, the dog is attacking the postman, and your marriage is a mess... but what the hell, you're home and you're happy!

This one kinda freaked me out... Sam is furious at herself!  Don't know if it's a glitch, but it happened more than once... her father's daughter, much?


Nostalgia ... I'm recreating copies of some of my older sims in a separate hood, to take some flashback pictures.  Here's young Kyle, Willow, James and Marla, probably around the time they finished college...  its fun seeing them like this again...


I never realised that sims would eat meals at a bar!  All these years of playing and I'm still finding new things...

And, yeah, side effect of installing the fixed picture default replacements, is that all my Maxis pictures are now at ground level! :)


Guard dog fail...


  1. LOL! Kyle was cracking me up! He's like one of my neighbors who we call The Garbage Nazi, because he lectures any of us on our street if we try to take our trash out before dark on garbage day, or if we don't put our bags in a bin! He seriously goes door to door asking whose bags they were. :\

    Anyway, looks like Kyle is head of the Richmond Home Owners Association! :D

    The guard dog fail had me LOL too!

  2. LOL, I cracked up at Kyle doing his sister's gardening! I think we could all use a relative like that!

    I've been going through and fixing up all my pics too - just realised I'm going to have to go in and do the community lots too, which will be a bit annoying.

    That guard dog fail is hilarious!

  3. Laura, Lol, Richmond Home Owners Association!

    Your Garbage Nazi would never cope here... I live down a shared driveway with a half-dozen or so other houses, all the mailboxes are at the street end together. Garbage collection is mid-morning, and by late afternoon the day before, the bags and bins start stacking up in front of the mailboxes. By the next morning no one can get to the mailboxes - not even the mailman. A couple of times when the garbage collection was late, we didn't get our mail delivered. Garbage Nazi (or Kyle :) ) could have some fun with that!

    Carla, I never thought of the pictures on community lots - this is going to take some sorting out! But it will be worth it, I think.

    Yeah, the 'guard' dog... they would have been better off with a scrappy little thing like Helen's one :)