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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Phoenix Family - Richmond

Allie Phoenix
(Allie Hutchins)
Asp: Popularity/Family
LTW: Become Captain Hero
Career: Law Enforcement - Lieutenant
Romantic: Married, Jimmy Phoenix
Children: Anna and Nicky
Other Family: Parents Ashley Pitts and Allie Hutchins; Foster Parents Orlando and Gretchen Centowski.  Half-siblings Cory, Chris and Aaron Green; Ashley Pitts, Jami Jakobsens, Helen Cooke and Grace Gold.
Significant Friends; Ruth Cadey, April Bertino.

Jimmy Phoenix
Asp: Popularity/Knowledge
LTW: Become Media Magnate
Career: Journalism - Magazine Editor
Romantic: Married, Allie Phoenix
Children: Anna and Nicky

Nicky Phoenix
Asp: Popularity
LTW: Become Mayor
Education: Private School
Career: Employee - Picture This Photography
Family: Parents Jimmy and Allie Phoenix, sister Anna
Significant Friends: Joshua Pitts, Dennis and Kevin Waters

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