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Monday, October 3, 2011

The single most sensible thing ever written about hood corruption

From the comments on this tool:

It makes a refreshing change from the usual "OMG YOU DELETED A SIM YOUR HOOD WILL IMPLODE NOW!!!!" messages I've seen all over the TS2 community.

Or, worse still, "Your hood is doomed and will  implode any day due to (insert technical-to-the-point-of-gibberish explanation), and only we can save it, if you use the amazing tools we have created with our exceptional talents for the sole purpose of saving the hoods of idiots like you who delete sims.  PS please do not ever ask us to explain our amazing tools. You wouldn't be capable of understanding anyway".

Because I read those messages, when I was a relatively new player.  I had deleted sims, and did a lot of other things you should never do, before I knew that you shouldn't do them.  Then, when I found out that they were bad things to do, I tried to fix them, but I didn't really know what I was doing, so who knows whether I really made things better, or worse?

This was all before I learned how to extract sims, or package lots, or do anything else you need to do, to recreate a hood.  I was so worried that my beloved hood would become unplayable at any moment.  It came close to spoiling my enjoyment of the game, because every time I loaded my hood, I was afraid it wouldn't last the play session.  And I felt this way for months.

But the good news is, it didn't implode.  The original Pleasantview/Richmond survived for another 18 months of heavy play, two more generations of my large families.  It survived long enough for me to learn how to recreate it into the version I'm still playing now.

Maybe the worse part of this is, I also learned to really distrust the creators who told me my hood would die at any moment.  And that's a pity, because probably their tools really do great things, but I just don't believe anything they say any more.  I won't use anything that I haven't read a third party explanation of, on another site.

We've probably all heard of corrupt physicians who exaggerate the severity of a vulnerable patients' illness, prescribe rare medicines, then bask in the patient's praise when they are cured... all the time knowing that the body would have healed itself anyway.  And maybe that's a really harsh thing to imply, but I'm the kind of person who likes to read the labels on medicines.  I can't read the labels on these tools, I only know what they said.  And, that it wasn't true.

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  1. I'm glad to see Mootilda take such a sensible view on this. There is so much hysteria about hood corruption in the community and a lot of it is unnecessary.