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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Where I am...

Eleven days to my final exam and counting down! :)  Am swinging between feeling vaguely confident, and terrified.  So far, its looking hopeful - I got 70% on the final piece of class-work, a presentation, which is the highest mark I've ever got on a major piece of work in this paper. Then, there were short weekly online tests, chapter reviews of the textbook, worth a point or two towards your final grade if you get over 90%.

I got 90 - 100% on all of them (even the one I did at 11pm, after two wines, because I was away from home and forgot it was closing at midnight :)   )...  except the last one.  80%!  My response to that would make a two year old proud, although stomping my foot and swearing at the computer unfortunately did not produce a higher grade.  But despite losing a couple of points (and I need all the points I can get!), I could see a good side to it.  It reminded me of that horrible sinking feeling of seeing a fail grade on the computer screen, and fear is a really good incentive...

As for Richmond, I had hoped to have another update before the exam.  I've been picking away at it in little bits, but I really don't know if it will be done in the next couple of weeks.  I've got a lot of other r/l stuff I've been putting off while I'm studying, too.  Earlier update or not, my plan is to get back into regular updating in the week of the 6 of November.

I can't wait because I've got so many stories in my head that I want to share! :)  I've been thinking about it a lot if not typing about it, and consequently even the current update has changed a bit from the way I originally imagined it.  And, I've made a mistake...  I shouldn't have mentioned school starting back in Allie's update, because I've got at least two more that have to happen while school is still out.  My solution will be to just go on with the other updates, with explanation, then move Allie's one when I get up to where it should be, so its in the right place for new readers looking back.

It's funny, when I play my college sims, I only make them study when they have study wants or study-dependent wants (like, make Dean's list etc), so if they fail, they fail - except in their final semester.  If they're on academic probation in their final semester, and they look set to fail again, then I give them enough of a nudge to scrape through... because damned if I'm going to get them that far, then have them not get a degree for it!  Now that I'm in more-or-less the same r/l position, I'm hoping that whatever powers there are out there might return the favour for me :)


  1. Good luck with your exam! You're right about fear being a good incentive. I remember failing an assignment once, which could have caused me to fail the whole course if I didn't do well on the exam. I studied harder than I'd ever studied in my life. And I passed, thank goodness!

    Looking forward to more updates from you, when you have the time to write them!

  2. Good luck! Hope the exams go well for you, and I'm looking forward to your updates!