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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Random Thoughts are Random

Just some random thoughts while working on my story...

Moments when your own sims make you want to cry...
While re-reading my latest update, I suddenly realized something: through all the drama over Samantha, when Rose and Cory's relationship dropped abysmally, she never once rolled the want to fall in love with him again. It happened, through the same relationship-boosting means that produced her pregnancy (she did want that, at least), but she never rolled a want for it to happen. That just makes me sad.

Sim-bloggers here...
Ever dropped a big hint in your story, and no one mentions it? And, you don't know if its just that no one has bothered to mention it... or because no one actually got it... or worse still, it was so obvious that no one thought it was worth mentioning!?  I'm just going to have to wait and see... but all this does, is makes me want to drop bigger spoilers!!! :)

When I was nine I learned survival...
Above line from 'Pity the Child", from the musical Chess. It's a tearjerker of a song, although most of it has nothing to do with anything in my story - except these few lines that jumped out at me:
Pity the child who knew his parents
Saw their faults, saw their love die before his eyes
Pity the child that wise
He never asked, did I cause your distress?
Just in case they said, yes.

You've got to switch around the pronouns in one case, but that really hits the nail on the head for a couple of my characters... I think one is obvious, the other, maybe not so much - although I might be wrong about that. Guesses, anyone?


  1. I don't know if the lack of a want necessarily has to indicate that the sim doesn't want something. Maybe Rose didn't realise she wanted to fall in love with Cory again? Sometimes you don't really know what you want until you get it and then you can think "yeah, this is how things should be".

    I have dropped what I thought were big hints but seeing people usually don't seem to peg, I think they weren't as big as I thought they were! Unless people have guessed and just tried to keep it quiet to avoid spoiling things for others? I often pick up on hints in sim stories but if I mention them at all in comments, I'll be quite vague about it.

    1. I like your take on Rose and Cory, much more optimistic than the way I'm seeing it.

  2. I would like to think I am good about getting hints but I am not.

    I thought that I drop a couple of big hints in the past for future stories that are happening (sim) years in the future, but no one asked about them. So, I figured that they were *obvious* enough for people other than myself to get.

    1. I guess I'm not the only one with the 'missed hints' thing, then! I don't always get other people's hints, either, but I like it when something happens in a story, then I look back and realise.

  3. It is funny how attached we get to these pixels, becoming more upset than they are (or maybe thats just me.) I find myself going outside my rules and making the choice for them..bad simmer. But we know best or whats ine their "heart".

    1. It's not just you, I break my rules sometimes, too, for 'their sake'. We do get attached, but I think its no different to getting attached to a movie or tv character, and people do that all the time. We just have the chance to help our own characters out a little more than we do the ones other people have created :)