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Thursday, July 24, 2014

SSU - Golden Sussex Dorm

An upmarket dorm for kids from well-off families

Amaya London
Age: YA
Asp: Fortune
LTW: Become Business Tycoon
Education: Student, SSU.  Major - Economics
Romantic: Steady - Lewis Gold
Family: Parents Lyndsay and (a)Randy London; Sister Selina; Half-brother Ryan
Significant Friends: Sam Green, Ivy Pitts

Lewis Gold
Age: YA
Asp: Family
LTW: Reach Golden Anniversary
Education: Student, SSU - Major - Undeclared
Romantic: Steady - Amaya London
Family: Parents Grace and Richard Gold, brothers Richard and Alan Gold
Significant Friends: Matthew Langerak

Marie Centowski
Age: YA
Asp: Family
LTW: Reach Golden Anniversary
Education: Student, SSU.  Major - Literature
Romantic: Boyfriend - Nicholas Read
Family: Parents Douglas and Rosemarie Centowski, btothers Garrett and Adam
Significant Friends: Angel Go

Matthew Langerak
Age: YA
Asp: Popularity
LTW: Have 20 simultaneous best friends
Education: Student, SSU. Major - Sports
Romantic: Steady - Sam Green
Family: Daughter Sophie Langerak; Parents Kaylynn and (a)Juan Reamon; Sisters Kayla Langerak and Danielle Sandor; half-siblings Lillith Green, Angela Pleasant and Harry Reamon; biological father Daniel Pleasant.
Significant Friends: Lewis Gold

Samantha 'Sam' Green
Age: YA
Asp: Fortune
LTW: Become Hall of Famer
Education: Student, SSU. Major - Sports
Romantic: Steady - Matthew Langerak
Family: Daughter Sophie Langerak; Parents Cory Green and Sharla Ruben; half-siblings Melissa, Shane, Corinne and Noah
Significant Friends: Amaya Louie

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